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      Who could it be? Fair? And the gentleman?

      She said no more, but went softly to the piano, and played the Chopin which he loved, and which she knew would soothe him. She had understood him ever since they had been children together, and her comprehension of all his moods was quickened by her sisterly love. While she was playing, a footma[97]n entered to say that Mr. Helby was in the library. As Trafford left the room he bent over her, and whispered:"If Martin should come to meet me, what will he think? she said piteously.

      They were not long alone in the drawing-room, not more than the space of a single cigarette, before the men followed. Then came music, and a good deal of talk, in the long, low, spacious room, which looked so bright and homely by candlelight, with all its tokens of domestic and intellectual life.Lady Ada laughed with barely concealed impatience and scorn.

      Lady Lilias beenrompingwith you? exclaimed Lady Wyndover, with wonder and something like awe.He had her Testament still in his hand, and looking down at the tear-stained page it seemed to him that there lay the clue to her melancholy.

      Lord Ffoulkes nodded and grinned, and Trafford went into[170] the anteroom. The stick was standing where he had left it, and he took it up and was leaving the room when Ada entered.





      "Ah, but in the old days you used to make it seem so much. You had such a delightful way of describing trifling[Pg 84] events. I thought at one time you had the makings of a Jane Austen; but afterwards I began to fear you must be out of health. Your letters had a low-spirited tone. There were no more of those sharp little touches which used to make me laugh, no more of those tiny word-pictures, which brought the faces and figures of my old neighbours before me."She was going because it was expedient to go; because her persistent refusal to be there might give rise to guesses and suspicions that would lead to a discovery of the real reason of her absence. She had often seen the subtle process, the society search-light by which Trelasco and Fowey could arrive at the innermost working of a neighbour's heart, the deepest mysteries of motive.